TJ SIS Workshop 2019

The January SIS workshop schedule will be posted in the fall of 2018.  

During the workshop we will discuss the purpose of the SIS and the importance of understanding the mission statement.  We will also brainstorm topics to mention on the application.  The candidates will write answers to four prompts (three SIS prompts and one math problem) under timed conditions.  We will remind the students that TJ admissions says pretty clearly that they are wanting to learn about “a semifinalist’s prior experiences, goals, and interests.”    Students will email responses to the essay reader who will critique and return the essays by January 30.  To participate, students will need a laptop, WORD, and an email address for correspondence. Choose only one of the sessions available.

You have a choice of the following times:

  • TBA

To get extra input, schedule private sessions with Dr Aimee Weinstein (call/text her at  571-275-6521) or Cathy Colglazier (703-628-23480).

To better prepare for the workshop, visit TJ’s website and see what classes TJ offers, that are not available at your base school.  Check out the clubs and read through the online newspaper, TJ Today.  Write a list of your STEM activities and interests; include books and magazines you have read.  Read through our blogs that talk about TJ.  Also, try to do the math question from last year.


Cathy Colglazier/Kate Dalby


$195 for new clients; $160 for students who took Inspiring’s TJ test preparation class.

Register now.  Payment is due when the workshop is filled or two days before the chosen date and time at the latest.  If you encounter difficulties call or text Kate or Carol at 703-203-5796


Contact Kate or Carol at 703-203-5796 or