All Things to All People?

We often hear the idea that, in business, it is difficult to be all things to all people.  But undaunted, in addition to comprehensive classes and private tutoring, Inspiring Test Preparation is now offering this ultimate preparation solution to a select group: high-scoring procrastinators.   The solution is the one-day bootcamp for ACT or SAT.

If you are pleased with your PSAT scores but would like a quick review for the March (or later) SAT, check out our schedule of one-day SAT bootcamps here.

If you have decided to give the February (or later) ACT a whirl, but don’t really have the time for a more thorough review, check out our schedule of one-day ACT bootcamps here.

Not even sure about the ACT?  Take a free three-hour diagnostic ACT, Saturday, January 7 at 11am.  Text Kate at 703-203-5796 for last minute sign-ups.