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College Admissions Seminar for

9th, 10th, and 11th grade Students

Are you constantly asking yourself these questions?

“Is it better to take an AP/IB class or get the A?”
“What is Early Action and why does it matter?”
“Which teachers should my son ask to writer letters of recommendation?”
 “Should I take the ACT or SAT? How many times?”
This two-hour seminar will give you all the information you need to understand the college process. Catherine Ganley with ForWord Consulting will walk you through each step–GPAs; Rigor; Test Scores; Application timelines, pitfalls, and types; Extracurriculars–so that you can help guide your child through this stressful time.
This is not a seminar just for junior parents. While college might be more on the minds of Class of 2019 parents, parents of any high schooler will benefit from this presentation as you’ll get a roadmap for answering college questions.

Enroll in this 2-hour Seminar: Thursday, February 22 at 7:00pm.  Come prepared with questions for an enlightening seminar.

Cost: $99

Location: Inspiring Test Prep Office, 1307 Dolley Madison Blvd. #4B McLean, VA 22101

Why Cathy Ganley?  Here is just what one mother had to say about her advice.

Thank you!
So grateful for your insights and recommendations this weekend!!
Just to let you know, we reached out to both Cathy’s.  Cathy Ganley and I had a really good conversation Saturday afternoon – focused on strategic admissions points.  Since fewer TJ students apply to liberal arts schools, Cathy G. used naviance to help us understand admissions rates for McLean students to some of the same schools (there are just more data points from other high schools).  She was so very kind and had tremendous empathy for a liberal arts kid at TJ.  She did not want us to reimburse us for her time.


 Where are those keys?

      Are you forever mislaying keys or forgetting important information or appointments?  “I know I put that paper down somewhere?  But where?”

      Even more daunting is the task of memorizing required information for coursework or credentialing.  Forget the names of the bones in the body – I’m lucky if I can remember how many there are (212?)

      Now imagine learning the contents of the Periodic Chart of the elements in just a few hours, if it were necessary. By heart, so that you could repeat it backwards or forwards at will.

      Impossible?  NOT!

     James F. Dalby, BS, MBA, Ph.D. (yes, that is the same last name) spent his early career as a mathematical engineer at NASA (he helped make sure Astronaut John Glenn was in orbit) and IBM (helped put four Communication Satellites into Geosynchronous Orbit) often helped by the techniques taught him back in the 50’s by Dr. Sigmund Blomberg, creator of the Blomberg Memory System.  Yes, he had the honor of being trained by Dr. Blomberg personally, while still a high school student. Soon after, he assisted in publicly demonstrating the power of the technique along with Dr. Blomberg before one thousand attendees in Norfolk, Va.

     Why not let Dr. Dalby teach you how to master memory techniques that could change your life, by making memory tasks simpler for you at work, college, university, volunteering activities and in your personal life?

     To learn more, sign up for this free, no-obligation seminar on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at 1307 Dolley Madison Blvd. Suite 4B McLean, VA  22101   After the demonstration, you will have the chance to sign up for a three-evening set of training sessions.
     To register for the first-in-the-area, three-evening training sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, November 28, 29, and 30 from 7:00 – 8:15 p.m. each evening, click this link.
   (Important note: The feasibility of the technique fundamentally depends on a mature and competent use of the English language, in both vocabulary and phonetics).


 Notes from our previous presentation:

Five Reasons Why You Won’t Get into the College of Your Choice

  1. you think applying to college begins and ends in front of a screen.
  2. you had too many endless summers.
  3. you woke up one morning and decided, “Ah, I’m going to write my essay today.”like everybody else,
  4. you have good grades, good test scores, play soccer or lacrosse, and play the piano.
  5. you chose poorly.
Presenter: Sybil Gohari of the Admissions Company will discuss these five reasons, and answer frequently asked questions about admissions:

Over the past decade, as the college admissions process has moved online, elite schools have seen an explosion of applications.  Over the same period, admissions officers and college administrators have observed a pattern of students who seem to have all the ingredients for success in college, and yet often fail when faced with the rigors of an academically intense environment.  Many educators have observed that these students lack an essential ingredient for success: grit.

The evolving theory is that a mix of factors that include grade inflation, over-scheduled young lives, lack of independence in early childhood and parental over-involvement have combined to lead to a lack of sufficient survival skills in the upper echelons of American colleges, leading to less resilient students.

At Admissions Company, we believe that resilience is something that can be quickly learned, embedded and nurtured in high school students so that they can be better prepared for college.  We plan to share the lessons we’ve learned from more than a decade of helping high school students gain acceptance to better colleges with you, so that if you’re one of the few who gains admission into an elite college, you can not only survive, but also thrive and outshine your cohorts.

  Date: Thursday, October 12 at 7:30 pm.  Reserve a seat today.  Q & A to follow.  Check out her Odds Calculator here.

All presentations are open to the public, but space is limited. Register online or call/text Kate at 703-203-5796 to reserve a seat. Location: 1307 Dolley Madison Blvd. Suite #4B McLean, VA 22101

Interested in presenting your education related company?  Do you have a topic you’d like Inspiring to host? Contact Kate at

The Low-Stress College Essay

The Low-Stress College Essay

College essay with low stress?  How can that be?  It’s all in the planning and thinking. Dr. Aimee Weinstein and Inspiring Test Prep can make it happen for you.

We have two options for our rising seniors to help you have your college essay done even before the madness of senior year begins.



2018 College Application Season: Not That Far Away!

by Dr Aimee Weinstein

In late January, the Common Application announced its essay prompts for the 2017-2018 school year, and while some have remained the same, some have changed. This year we find a 7th prompt that simply asks students to write the essay of their choice.  While some students do best responding to specific prompts, we at Inspiring Test Prep believe that the students who write the best essays write them on topics about which they are passionate, and that passion might not correspond to a pre-scripted prompt.  Are you worried about writing the perfect essay to go with your application? Stop worrying; we are here to help.



Success and Non-Academic Skills


By Sybil Gohari, PhD

Founder, The Admissions Company

Have you ever really considered key factors in determining success? Granted, skill in your specialized area of expertise is essential to success, as well as experience, education, and perspective. There are many, non-academic skills that also are key components to success.

This NPRed article overviews such skills, which are growing in recognition to the point that field experts are now in search of clearly articulated terminology to describe these essential skills. So while we must develop “life and career skills” as well as the “4Cs of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity,” studies show that it takes more to stand out and become a great success.

The ability to get along with others, for example, is of paramount importance to one’s future prospects at a job according to this Wall Street Journal piece.  Apparently, something as simple as emailing your coworkers about the World Series could save your career in times of layoffs at the firm.  The fact that being well-liked is an important component of success is not a surprise to us at The Admissions Company.

Our college admissions planning services include hours of coaching our clients on their choices in life.  Be it participating in high school extracurricular activities like lacrosse or a charitable group at college, at The Admissions Company, we believe in making socially intelligent choices and remaining emotionally vigilant throughout the process.

Thirty years ago, the average high school student would apply to 2 to 4 colleges, and be judged among a relatively small pool of applicants.  In today’s hyper-competitive environment where the top ranked colleges receive tens of thousands of applications and command the highest entry credentials, high school students are applying to 10, 15 and as many as 80 schools!  The college admissions process has become a pressure cooker for many high school students and at The Admissions Company, we help the process by providing them with guidance every step of the way.

Most importantly, we believe that developing emotional and social intelligence at an early age is an essential ingredient of success throughout college.  This is why our proprietary methodology is linked directly to each of our client’s personality in order to be able to devise a plan to help them develop the skills they need to not only cope with the stress of college applications but to thrive in the process and become the high performance candidates that elite schools are seeking.

So, hone your academic skills– so that you can advance in your area of interest. It’s also well worth your while to further develop many additional qualities that will be tested throughout your college career and beyond, and which can help you succeed in spite of challenge and adversity.

To find out more about College Admissions Company and Sybil Gohari, come to her free presentation on Thursday, March 30 at 7:30pm.  The topic is the Admissions Company’s free online app – The Odds Calculator.  This presentation is hosted by Inspiring Test Preparation at its office at 1307 Dolley Madison Blvd. suite 4B, McLean, VA  22101.
Click here to register.