Ready, Set, Go to the ACT


Day of the ACT Check Sheet


Are you taking the ACT test this Saturday?

First, let us wish you the best on this day. May the stars align and may you mark all your bubble sheets correctly, read all the questions accurately, remember all the formulas necessary, keep moving with proper pacing, and recall all your punctuation rules.
In the spirit of positive thinking, the night before the test, get the following ready:



Announcing Inspiring’s 2018 TJ Fall Course Schedule


You may now pre-register for our classes without obligation.  Before you sign up, you should have your student take the at-home TJ math evaluation to determine the optimum placement for the class.   Email Kate at kvs@katedalby.com to request a test.

To pre-register for our fall course click the link.  

For more information about our program visit this page.


Meet Ben Shenkman

Are you frustrated trying to find a reliable and competent tutor? Tired of meeting in the library or local coffee shop?   Look no further.

Inspiring Test Preparation is delighted to announce that Ben Shenkman has joined our team of outlandishly awesome tutors.  Ben studied Physics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Chicago and is a graduate from The Potomac School in McLean, VA.  After taking the most rigorous courses available in both subject areas, he decided to pursue his interest in teaching by peer-mentoring his fellow classmates and helping them succeed in their classes. With an excellent academic record as well as experience with tutoring college and high-school level pupils, Ben is ideal for coaching students through tough curricula.

Ben offers coaching in the subject areas of Calculus AB/BC, Statistics, Physics, and Chemistry. He received 5’s on all these AP Exams. He also coaches these SAT 2 subject tests: physics, chemistry, Math 1, and Math 2.  He can be contacted directly at bshenkman.97@gmail.com or through the office at Inspiring Test Preparation at 703-203-5796.


Updates on TJ Admission – 2018

I thought I would share the following information concerning the upcoming TJ SIS (Student Information Sheet).

A client asked me if I thought TJ would be having an essay or math problem this year (2018).  I suggested she call TJ and ask admissions directly.   She shared the following with me: