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College Essay Success Begins Here!

Join Dr. Aimee Weinstein as she helps students prepare a polished product, ready to send to any school.  Dr. Weinstein will not only set students on the path, but stay with them the whole time, so the outcome is an essay worthy of sending to any college in the country.

Essay Prompts 2017

In late January, the Common Application announced their essay prompts for the 2017-2018 school year, and while some have remained the same, some have changed. This year they have added a 7th prompt that simply asks students to write the essay of their choice.

While some students do best responding to specific prompts, we at Inspiring Test Prep believe that the students who write the best essays write them on topics about which they are passionate, and that passion might not correspond to a pre-scripted prompt.  Are you worried about writing the perfect essay to go with your application? Stop worrying; we are here to help.

Step one: Brainstorming

On day one, Dr. Weinstein shows the students tips and tricks to writing about themselves in a significant way, helping them derive meaning from their experiences which they can turn into essays.  On day two, students will have a working session in order to draft their own essay with Dr. Weinstein’s guidance.  Dr. Weinstein will review the drafts and email them back within a day or two with commentary and critique.

Step two: Spit-Shine Those Boots

The price of the preparation includes two more reviews by Dr. Weinstein.  She will provide detailed feedback on content, asking questions on content, forcing students to think through the way they present their ideas, as well as fixing grammar, punctuation and other errors.

Step three: Stepping Out

If the essay is not ready after steps one and two, further reviews from Dr. Weinstein will be available.  Very quickly students should have essays that are polished to a high shine and ready to send out with their applications.

Please note: If the schools your student is applying to have a series of short answer questions beyond the Common App question, reviews will also be available at an additional cost.  Additionally, if the student’s school of choice does not take the Common App, then he or she should feel free to bring that school’s essay prompt to class.


Meeting Date & Time

Bootcamp Dates: Saturday, September 23 from 9-11 am and Sunday, September 24 from 1-3 pm. Two follow-up submissions.


Email  or call her at 571.275.6521


Dr. Aimee Weinstein


$500 ($50 discount for Inspiring students)


Contact Dr Weinstein at 571.275.6521 or or Kate Dalby at 703-203-5796 or for more information.

College Application Bootcamp