Dear Class of 2019:

As Junior Year comes to a close, I’m sure you’re already dreaming about Senior year – all those amazing events and even graduation! It is going to be a wild ride, so hang on to your metaphorical hats.

The start of senior year can bring with it a lot of angst and stress in the form of college applications. You need to hone the list, make last minute visits and the do the actual applications, including the essay.  It’s a lot to think about and manage along with your regular classes, sports and other assorted activities.

Here’s where Inspiring Test Prep can help.  College counselors and universities recommend working through your common app essay during the summer and we are here to help you advertise yourself!  Inspiring Test Prep even has different options suited for different types of learners – read more below!

Dr. Aimee Weinstein, our resident essay expert, has helped students get into universities such as Northwestern, Georgetown and the University of Vermont. This July, she will run a College Essay Bootcamp where students will spend two hours on the first day learning what the colleges expect and best practices for writing, along with honing their own ideas.  On day two, for another two hours, students will have a working session supervised by Dr. Weinstein.  Dr. Weinstein will include two more reviews of drafts as long as they’re done by mid-September.
Just so you know, we focus on common app prompts but are happy to work on the consortium app as well as any other essay prompts you have, even the small additional questions that individual colleges like to add.

There is one scheduled bootcamp for July 13 and 14 from 10am to noon.  We will schedule other times as needed. All the information you need to know is located at
If those dates are not convenient for you, Dr. Weinstein is also available for private instruction. You will get one 1-hour session face-to-face and then four reviews of drafts by mid-September, with back-and-forth email as necessary.
Dr. Weinstein is also able to customize a package of lessons and reviews as you feel you need them.  Please see our website or email Dr. Weinstein directly at
Take some of the stress out of applying to college and affecting the start of senior year.  Get the essays done this summer and let us help you.

Get ready for greatness!