Kate Dalby’s  Math Drill #1 for 7th & 8th Graders
This package consists of :
1) PDF File containing-
* A review sheet of Need-to-Know Math (comes with each drill package)
* Test – 25 math questions which drill mental math skills for 7th/8th graders
* Answer Bubble Sheet
* Answer key to the questions
2) Video Math Drill #1-
* Introduction & Instructions
* Explanation of each question and a discussion of strategies for time management.
* Closing and contact information.
> The questions in drill #1 are of average difficulty.
(Coming Soon)
> Also available as a separate purchase is Drill #2: Questions are a higher difficulty level.
> We recommend Drill #3 if you scored <88% on Drill #1.
> We recommend Drill #4 if you scored <88% on Drill #2.
After purchasing, you will be directed to the video and PDF Download along with an email receipt with links to
the product.