PSAT Bootcamp 2019

No time for a prep class? Inspiring Test Preparation will fix that with its one-day comprehensive test review for the PSAT.  Don’t leave your scores to chance!

Bootcamp Details

Designed exclusively for top scorers (1300+ on a previous (P)SAT or 28 ACT), this camp will help maximize your scores  before the PSAT on Wed. Oct 16.

During the bootcamp we will:

  1. Discuss best practices for taking the test (30 minutes)
  2. Administer a full test (2 hours 30 minutes)
  3. Grade and score test (approximately 15 minutes) – snack/break –
  4. Review specific test errors and strategies for addressing short falls (up to 2 hours depending on size of the group)

Meeting Date & Time  

Friday, October 4 or Monday, October 14 starting at 11:00 am and lasting approximately 5 hours 15 minutes.  Choose the day that fits your schedule.




Kate Dalby/Caroline Hesse

If you want to add some one-on-one test preparation after the workshop, contact Ms. Dalby at 703.203.5796 or so she can reserve tutoring spots for you.


Contact Kate at 703.203.5796 or

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