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Course Description

The PSAT/SAT Test Preparation courses include a review of basic grammar, mechanics, style, methods for improving comprehension, and math topics that appear on the SAT.  A major component is time management, reading strategies, and proper pacing to maximize scores.  We use the College Board’s The Official SAT Study Guide for the redesigned SAT.


Class Information

Inspiring Test Preparation offers preparation for the March, May, June, August, October, November, and December SATs.  Click here to see our current class schedule.  If you don’t see a schedule that fits, call Kate at 703-203-5796.  Our comprehensive course* is for students scoring  1200 or better on the PSAT or SAT.   When we don’t offer a class, or the classes are filled, we have tutors who can help you prepare one-on-one.

We start with a three (3)-hour SAT, taken by appointment, before the first SAT instructional class.  Call 703-203-5796 to schedule.

*This class does not include instruction on the optional essay; if you wish essay instruction contact Dr. Aimee Weinstein to schedule an appointment.



Register Now & Pay Later

If you wish to pre-register for a class and pay later, you may do so with this understanding: you must either pay in full one month before the class begins or as soon as the class fills up, which ever comes first.  You will be contacted when the class fills so you can decide whether to commit.  There is no cost to pre-register and no obligation.   Call 703-203-5796 if you have questions.


Kate Dalby and Caroline Hesse


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