College Application Essay Tutoring

What should I write about for my Common Application essay?  Do I tell the college I have diabetes?  How unacademic will I appear if I write about being captain of my soccer team?  Can I use a story about my Science Fair project if I didn’t win?  How do I write a good essay and not sound boring or stiff?  What does the college want to know about me in this essay?

These pressing questions are not easy to answer for teenagers, but with the help of our tutor, Cathy Colglazier, students can learn to navigate the college application essay process and find the right group of topics for their essays. They might even enjoy the experience, regardless of how reluctant they are as writers. A former client once labeled her “A Teen Whisperer.”

“Students get maligned as overly confident or self-absorbed by adult society, but in fact they are really pretty insecure at this stage of their lives where they are just beginning to know themselves,” says Cathy.  She gently guides them in writing and thinking so they can present themselves fully and authentically to their colleges. The essay is an important part of the admissions folder, but this year with the pandemic interrupting final grading and standardized tests, the essay might be an even more persuasive element.  Students, therefore, need to pay close attention to their essay this admissions round.

The focus in Cathy’s tutoring is on developing their own voice and being strategic in their choice of topics.  Using effective and correct grammar and diction are, of course, both essential.

Cathy Colglazier will work with your student on an individual basis to not only brainstorm the perfect topic, but to put out a polished piece worthy of the school of your choice.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, call her at 703-628-2348.  Her fee is $200/hour or you can purchase a package of four hours for $650.  Click here to purchase the package.

Cathy has worked as a writing tutor with Inspiring Test Prep for over ten years. She was a former English teacher and department chair in Fairfax County Public Schools at both Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Tech and McLean High School.