Want to skip the classes and online group prep? Looking for a customized prep? Don’t despair! Flex prep is year-round tutoring ONLINE for the SAT and ACT.

We are offering SAT, ACT, or SAT/ACT Combo Packages consisting of

  • A Mindprint learning assessment (a $199 value)
  • The Official Guide to the SAT/ACT
  • Seven hour-long tutoring sessions
  • Seven practice testing sessions self-proctored at home once a week**


ACT FLEX PREP is available for the all test dates year round.
SAT FLEX PREP is available for the all test dates year round.
*Recommendation: After the planning session via email or consultation, students book once a week for lessons, and plan on once a week for a self-proctored test.** The students should have completed a test before the first tutoring session. Because of our tight summer schedule, tutor availability in July and August is limited. Book early for the greatest selection of appointments.
** When self-proctoring, students are required to follow testing instructions faithfully to improve results. Kate Dalby will explain testing requirements in the planning session.

COST (per person):

SAT $1,429 We use College Board Bluebook SATs for preparation.
ACT $1,428 Official Guide to the ACT is provided as is the For the Love of ACT Science workbook.

Additional Tutoring is $170/hour or $115/half hour if you have finished the package but wish to have additional instruction.


It is important that the participants understand that the schedule is fixed, so plan carefully. You must book all of your appointments when you first purchase a package, but you can change the appointment yourself by opening the “new appointment” email and clicking the link that says “view appointment details”. Rescheduling on the website requires you do so at least two days in advance of the scheduled appointment. To get an idea of the tutor availability, you can see Kate Dalby’s schedule by clicking this link: Calendar.
After purchasing the package you should be able to book online by clicking on the purple “register” button and scrolling to the entry “test preparation tutoring“. Email Kate Dalby at kvs@katedalby.com if you have questions.
Year round, all tutoring with Kate Dalby is Monday through Thursday. Students are expected to take a full ACT (3 hours) or SAT (2 hours 15 minutes) before each tutoring session; students who qualify for extended-time testing need to discuss with us the best way to address the accommodations.