SAT or ACT?  Try a Free Diagnostic Test.

If you are like many students, you are unclear which test is the right test for you: the redesigned SAT or the ACT.

To help you figure out which test to take, you can come take a free, no obligation 3-hour ACT on select Saturdays at 11:00 am with Inspiring Test Preparation.  This get acquainted offer is good for new clients only*.    This test is used for the first class of our ACT preparation.

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Trying to decide? Need more data? Take a free ACT diagnostic test.

Trying to decide? Need more data? Take a free ACT diagnostic test.

Here is your opportunity to find out just how well you can score on the ACT and compare these scores to your PSAT we they are released.  The PSAT is a good predictor of how you would do on the new SAT (assuming you haven’t done any preparation); so why not take an ACT and see which one is better for you.

The test we administer is an actual ACT, so you will receive accurate scores.  We administer it under proctored conditions early in the day so you can approximate testing conditions.

Here are just some of the reasons people are opting for the ACT:
  • Fast readers find the ACT more straight forward
  • ACT vocabulary is less demanding
  • No grid-in math problems
  • English questions are easier and require less textual analysis (that is why you get less time per question)
  • Reading is said to be easier.

There is absolutely no obligation. You will receive your scores in 1-6 days.

Seats are limited.  Register here today.

*This offer does not apply if you have already taken a free diagnostic ACT with Inspiring Test Preparation, but if you have taken an ACT or SAT class with Inspiring you can take advantage of this offer.  (Just make sure we give you a test you haven’t taken before).