by Cathy Colglazier


Last year TJ surprised the applicants with a different essay prompt – a math word problem that the students had to solve and then explain their process in an essay.  We at Inspiring think it is reasonable to assume that TJ admissions will again use this type of prompt, and so we will be incorporating a similar problem into our workshop.

The move to a math prompt for an essay question is to assess critical thinking, a skill that TJ students need to have in all classes.   Although TJ Admissions assumes most students will solve the problem easily as it comes from Algebra I, the evaluations will now be able to see how students think even if they make minor math errors.  The prompt is not meant to be tricky.

This math problem prompt will show how students communicate their ideas in writing.  Writing skills that come into play are organization, punctuation, sentence structure, and voice.  No use of spell check is allowed.  The most effective essays will have a correct math solution as well as natural and engaging prose.

Inspiring Test Prep I will focus on descriptive writing in our workshops to help prepare students for this question as well have a math word problem for our practice test.

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For a look at last year’s math prompt visit this page.