Before you purchase any of our services, please read this important notice about changes in TJ admissions!

If you would like help preparing for the written essays for the TJ information sheet, click here to purchase a package for four hours of private instruction via zoom.
If you would like to prepare for the math question, we now have five free SIS math videos available on Inspiring Test Preparation’s channel. Click the year you wish to access:
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Course Description

In 2017, TJHSST changed its admissions test and the testing date. Inspiring’s TJ Admissions Prep course has adapted and reflects those changes.

“A combination of two different tests—the ACT Aspire and Quant Q—were selected to replace the old test. The ACT Aspire test will test reading and science skills, and the Quant Q will test math skills.
These tests replace the previous exam and will be administered [in November]. No other changes will be made to the TJHSST admissions process. Additional information about semifinalist determination will be released by May 1, 2017.”
Fairfax County Public School Announcement

Click here for TJ registration information as of August 29, 2020.

In response to the need for social distancing in the time of coronavirus, we have developed a plan of action to help you thoroughly prepare for the TJ admissions test in the safety and convenience of your home. We will monitor TJ’s testing plan for this year to make sure we help you in the most effective and efficient way possible.

If you wish to prepare with us, we recommend the following pay-as-you-go course of action:

Step One: Take Math Quiz #1. (Cost $9.95 per quiz). Make sure you review the math sheet before you start the quiz. Grade your quiz afterwards and use the video to review your mistakes. If you miss more than 2-3 questions, take Math Quiz #3.

Step Two:
Take Math Quiz #2. Grade quiz. Review mistakes. If you miss more than four questions, take Math Quiz #4. If you got most questions right, move on to Step 3 and take the required one-hour math assessment test.

Click Here to access Math Quiz #1

Click Here to access Math Quiz #2

Click Here to access Math Quiz #3

Click Here to access Math Quiz #4

Step Three: Take the required TJ Online Math Evaluation Test (Cost $24.95).
Click Here to access Math Evaluation Test.
Step Four: When you have taken this test, regardless of how well or how badly you think you have done, set up a free phone consultation with Kate Dalby to discuss what you need to do to prepare.
Click Here to schedule your free phone consultation.
Step Five: Work through as many packages as you and Mrs. Dalby think you need (see package description below). We recommend that you purchase all of your packages up front so you can book your private tutoring sessions for the most convenient times possible. If you must change an appointment (48 hours’ notice needed to change/cancel), we cannot guarantee that you will be able to find a more convenient time.
Packages – $200/each. (We offer up to 6 packages).

Each Package is a full three-hour at-home test of math, science, and reading, and one hour of one-on-one tutoring via Zoom to discuss strategies.
We will cover math, science skills, reading comprehension, essay, math SIS, and admissions in that order. The amount of time we allot to each subject area depends on what you need, and we may not get to all topics within one hour. We do not have access to the current test format, but our practice tests reflect our understanding of what concepts you might encounter on the real test day.  Because of the proposed changes to admissions, we will no longer proctor testing on Sunday.
Each package is a unique test and they should be taken in order.

Click Here to access Package#1

Click Here to access Package#2

Click Here to access Package#3

Click Here to access Package#4

Click Here to access Package#5

Click Here to access Package#6
Step Six: SIS Preparation. Cathy Colglazier can help you with SIS preparation; call Mrs. Colglazier at 703-628-2348 to schedule. $200/hour or $600/four-hour package. We will conduct a SIS workshop online (cost $198) in late January after the first cut results are in.

At any time, you are welcome to call Kate at 703-203-5796 or email to discuss these steps as you proceed.

More about our tests: They are a combination of old SAT questions from the 1980s, ACT reading, and ACT science tests. They have certain deficiencies, and so we recommend you purchase New TJHSST Math Workbook by Brian Rhee. This is a challenging book; we suspect it is more difficult than the real Quant Q, but it has a great review section in the beginning and many probability and combinatorics problems. We are happy to clarify any questions that arise from Rhee’s workbook in tutoring sessions and we will also supply supplemental question sets in each package to mimic the written responses (constructed responses) found in the ACT Aspire reading and science sections.
Instructor: Kate Dalby
Questions? Contact Kate at 703-203-5796 or
If you would like some math review on common concepts tested, you can watch our free videos on our Instructional Videos page.
We now have five free SIS math videos available on Inspiring Test Preparation’s Rumble channel. Click the year you wish to access:
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020