Learn what Khan Academy isn’t teaching you – effective strategies to maximize your scores.

We’re not saying Khan doesn’t do a good job — it is a solid place to improve your math foundation, and if you want someone to read to you, we suppose watching the reading videos might be diverting — but if you want great scores, AND you don’t have a lot of time, you need great strategies for taking the test and insight into why you are having trouble getting the scores you want.

It is time for you to consult a professional.  Someone who will discuss best practices for test taking with you; someone who will listen to you and your particular challenges.  Someone who will give you strategic preparation for superlative results.  That someone is Kate Dalby.


Take advantage of our Month of May Madness to Improve your SAT or ACT scores.  “May” is the month of possibilities, including higher SAT or ACT scores. Don’t leave it to chance. Three to four weeks is still enough time to improve your scores significantly.

With our tutoring, you get
  • Flexible scheduling: once, twice, three times a week. Pick any frequency you want. Click on this link to see Kate’s availability. Call 703-203-5796, if you don’t see a time that works for you.
  • One-on-one tailor-made strategies to help maximize your scores.  Get the prep YOU need –NOW!
  • Practice at home or, for a modest fee of $25 per test at our office in McLean. We have both weekday and weekend hours for testing.
  • Personalized attention: trying to reach Kate?  She’s just a phone call, text, or email away.  If she doesn’t get back to you quickly (<24 hours), send another message in case the first one got lost in cyberspace.
  • Great prices: Until the ACT test in June, you can get test prep tutoring with Kate Dalby at the amazingly low price of $150/hour session or $200/two-hour session.  No limits or minimums required; all you need to do is call Kate at 703-203-5796 to book a session.

Why Kate Dalby?  Kate has over 30 years experience tutoring the SAT and ACT.  Literally thousands of students have benefitted from her insight and made great gains on their test scores.  Call/text 703-203-5796 or email kvs@katedalby.com for strategic preparation and superlative results.

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