Do you qualify for extended time on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT?

The ACT has changed its rules for extended time administration.

Unlike the SAT, which allocates additional time proportionally throughout the test, the ACT allows test-takers to manage their additional time as they please. If a student takes longer processing numbers, he/she can take use a disproportionate amount of time on the math section. If a student is a slow reader, he/she can bank time for the reading and science sections.

For example, Johnny is able to finish the English in the normal 45 minutes even though he has 50% extra time. He can take that extra time (22.5 minutes) and apply it to the math section. Instead of the normal 60 minutes or the adjusted time of 90 minutes to work, Johnny now has 112.5 minutes to finish the math section. In theory, Johnny could even bank all of his extra time and use it on one particularly difficult section.

As previously mentioned, however, the ACT is changing the rules and will start requiring all students taking the ACT with extended time to use their time proportionally after each section. The proctor will monitor students to make sure the time is used properly.

Note that this rule goes into effect for the September 2018 test – you still can use your extra time as you please on the June and July ACTs.

What should you do? I strongly urge you to assess whether the flexible timing that the current rule allows is a necessity. In addition, if you have not taken an ACT under extended time, come in and take a test with us to see what your timing needs are.

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NB: I learned about this change in rules on one of my LinkedIn groups.  Here is the announcement from the website.

College counselors were notified before an official announcement was made.  Here are some additional articles: Applerouth and Summit

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