The Low-Stress College Essay

College essay with low stress?  How can that be?  It’s all in the planning and thinking. Dr. Aimee Weinstein and Inspiring Test Prep can make it happen for you.

We have two options for our rising seniors to help you have your college essay done even before the madness of senior year begins.

Option one: Essay Bootcamp

In this two-day, four-hour program, students work in a group to get a jump on the essay. On day one the kids spend time brainstorming, exploring the questions, and thinking through what the college admissions officers really want to and need to know about them beyond their lists and numbers.  Part of the value is the ability of the students to bounce ideas off of each other and talk through ideas together. The second day is a real working session so that Dr. Weinstein can help the students organize paragraphs, explore wording and really craft their essays as they move forward. Many of these rising seniors leave on the second day with a first draft completed and then have the option of sending subsequent drafts to Dr. Weinstein for review and comments. Two reviews (which for some kids might be all it takes given the great start!) are included in the workshop with more reviews available by request.

Option two: Private Training

Dr. Weinstein will meet with you and spend between an hour and 90-minutes brainstorming topics, discussing strategy and making plans.  From there, you write. Dr. Weinstein will be with you every step of the way as you do it.  Over email, she will go back and forth with you, guiding, suggesting and helping.  If you need a second meeting, she is happy to meet again.  The result will be a finely crafted essay usable for a broad range of applications.  The biggest benefit is that Dr. Weinstein will carry you through the process from start to finish for a flat fee.  No hourly rate, no time constraints.

Meeting Date & Time

Bootcamp Date 2017: Friday, September 22 from 4-6pm and Saturday, September 23 from 9-11 am. Two follow-up submissions. 

For more information about either options you can email Dr. Weinstein at or call her at 571/275-6521.


College Application Bootcamp