To all our TJ prep students:

You have done a great job preparing for the TJ test over the past few weeks.  In preparation for the SIS (Student Information Sheet) essay section coming up in February, we are offering for you to re-do the essay portions of the program.  To receive critiques please register and pay online for the “critique” package, and then email Dr. Weinstein ( the answers to all of these prompts.  Dr. Weinstein will reply with comments in a few days. You can email them one at a time or all at once; it’s your choice. All prompts must be complete by January 20th. The cost of the critiques is $125. 

  1. All students at TJHSST are required to conduct specialized research during their senior year.  What research area(s) most interest you that could be the focus of your senior research project?  Why?  What experiences (both in school and out of school) have you already had that have contributed to your interest in this research? (1600 characters maximum)
  2. Describe a goal that you one had, but now no longer have and why? (1600 characters).
  3. Companies around the world are trying to come up with new ways to create electricity.  Some companies collaborate and share their ideas with other companies.  You are the owner of a company and have just come up with a new idea.  Would you collaborate and share your work?  Why or why not?  (3500 characters max)
  4. Describe something that helped you mature as a student? (1600 characters)
  5. What is your dream job and how will going to a STEM school help you achieve your dream.  (1600 characters)
  6. What is one aspect of your everyday life that could be improved by the invention of new technology?  What would that new technology accomplish? (1600 Characters)

Submit all essays to

Please let us know if you have questions.  Call Dr Weinstein at 571-275-6521.