Plan Now for College Later

Success is a matter of perspective. In order to gain acceptance to the best colleges, you must show the world singular aspects of who you are. In this talk, Sybil Gohari, founder of Admissions Company, will show you how to build the proper scaffolding for the aspects of you that are truly unique, and how these can shine through your college application.  Join Sybil Gohari, PhD, founder of Admissions Company, for a presentation that will help you create a better college plan.  Parents of 8th graders (or older) are invited to attend.

Dr.Gohari is an entrepreneur and educator who founded Admissions Company to help college and graduate school applicant development. Utilizing a proprietary methodology that combines a tech platform with professional services, Admissions Company helps increase the odds of acceptance to an applicant’s target college or graduate school.  Her Odds Calculator is available, free of charge, at this link:

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Location: Inspiring Test Preparation 1307 Dolley Madison Blvd. suite 4B McLean, VA  22101

Trying to sign up the same day?  Text Kate at 703-203-5796 to see if we have seats.