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Introducing Flex Prep


Can’t take one of our summer or late spring classes?  Don’t despair!  Flex prep is year-round tutoring and small class preparation for the SAT and ACT. 



Get Last Minute Tutoring for the Following Subjects

Help welcome guest tutor, Vik Magadi,

who comes highly recommended by Inspiring Test Prep’s clients. He is graduating from the highly esteemed STEM school, Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology, with a GPA well over 4.0 and SAT scores of 1590.  He is uniquely qualified to tutor the following subjects: math through BC Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics for the low price of $70/hour (a $35 discount off our regular price).  He is also available for SAT 2 prep for the June and August SAT subject test (at $150/hour).

To find out if he can tutor a topic not listed, call him directly at 703-850-8742, then book a session by clicking this link for academic and this link for SAT 2.

If preparing for a SAT subject test, you will need to take a subject test diagnostic before the first tutoring session.  The hour long test can be booked here at $25/each. Vik is available Monday through Thursday 5pm to 8pm, Saturday 11am to 2pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm for the remainder of the school year.  During the summer he is available 11am to 5pm Monday through Thursday.


SAT vs. ACT – Which test is right for you?

Now that it’s prime time to start studying for the SAT and ACT, we’ve had a lot of students ask us which test they should take.

Nowadays, most colleges accept the SAT and ACT and weigh scores from both tests equally, so that’s no longer a reason to take one test over the other.

The College Board recently redesigned the SAT and it is now quite similar to the ACT. Both tests now have optional essays and no guessing penalty. The SAT also no longer has a “random vocabulary” section, which used to be a big deal breaker for a lot of our students. Instead, the SAT has a vocabulary in context section. The SAT also has less geometry than the ACT.  We’ve covered the all differences in a handy graphic below. (more…)