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PSAT: Two-Day Online Bootcamp

No time for a PSAT prep class? Inspiring Test Preparation will fix that with its two-day comprehensive PSAT review adapted to Zoom testing and tutoring. If you are a little rusty on your grammar, the PSAT shows no mercy. If you have any tendency to carelessness in bubbling-in forms or misreading problems, you risk ruining your scores on this important test. Don’t leave your scores to chance!

Win a scholarship! Remember, the 11th grade PSAT is also the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship.

Bootcamp Details

Designed exclusively for top scorers (1300+ on a previous PSAT), this camp will help maximize your scores  before the Saturday,  PSAT or Wednesday, October, 2020 PSAT.

On Monday, October 5th, at 10am we will meet to  

  1. Discuss best practices for taking the test (30 minutes) – this is done as a group lesson before the test begins
  2. Administer a full PSAT (2 hours 30 minutes)
  3. Students will grade and score test and submit scores and a pdf of the test to kvs@katedalby.com

Students will schedule a private lesson for a subsequent day before the PSAT, to meet privately with Kate Dalby to discuss specific test errors and strategies for addressing short falls.

Meeting Date & Time

Monday, October 5 at 10am for orientation and full PSAT test.  By appointment, students meeting with Kate Dalby to review test.  Click this link to see availability:  remember to schedule after the test on October 5 and before the PSAT on Wednesday, October 14.  Look at schedule before signing up as workshop is first come first served and spaces are limited.


Kate Dalby


$249.  (A $300 value)


Text Ms. Dalby at 703.203.5796, or email kvs@katedalby.com

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Introducing Flex Prep


Want to skip the classes and online group prep? Looking for a customized prep? Don’t despair! Flex prep is year-round tutoring ONLINE for the SAT and ACT.



SAT vs. ACT – Which test is right for you?

Now that it’s prime time to start studying for the SAT and ACT, we’ve had a lot of students ask us which test they should take.

Nowadays, most colleges accept the SAT and ACT and weigh scores from both tests equally, so that’s no longer a reason to take one test over the other.

The College Board recently redesigned the SAT and it is now quite similar to the ACT. Both tests now have optional essays and no guessing penalty. The SAT also no longer has a “random vocabulary” section, which used to be a big deal breaker for a lot of our students. Instead, the SAT has a vocabulary in context section. The SAT also has less geometry than the ACT.  We’ve covered the all differences in a handy graphic below. (more…)