Day of the ACT Check Sheet


Are you taking the ACT test this Saturday?

First, let us wish you the best on this day. May the stars align and may you mark all your bubble sheets correctly, read all the questions accurately, remember all the formulas necessary, keep moving with proper pacing, and recall all your punctuation rules.
In the spirit of positive thinking, the night before the test, get the following ready:

  • Your alarm.  Give yourself enough time to wake up and get ready.
  • An acceptable photo ID.  Print out your admissions ticket.
  • At least two sharp pencils with clean erasers. A third dull one for rapid bubbling is helpful.
  • Your calculator with fresh batteries. Make sure it functions properly after you put the batteries in.
  • A snack. Fat and protein with limited carbs. A treat such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups can boost your spirits; psychologically you are rewarding yourself for showing up.
  • A watch. Do not allow it to beep during the test. You will be dismissed if you disrupt the testing.
  • The clothes you plan to wear. Some people like to dress up because they find it helps their mental state; others prefer to dress down. Either way, wear layers that can be added if cold or removed if warm. Avoid restrictive clothing so you can be comfortable.
What about your phone? You may bring in your phone but you must turn it off from the time you enter the room to when you leave after the test is completed. For full details on what’s in, what’s out visit the ACT website.