TJ Results for Class of 2022

We have begun to get preliminary results for Fall 2017 TJ prep class.  This was the first class we prepared for the new TJ admissions test.

Of 20 students in the two Sunday classes, 7/10 in the 2pm made the first cut and 9/10 in the 5pm made the first cut.

As of April 3rd,  we have only heard from four students out of the remaining 16 and have these results.

Explanation of statistics

The percent for the Form N, Diagnostic, and Superscore tests listed below are percent of correctly answered questions.  The percent for the new TJ test appears to be relative to the class of students, not percent of questions answered correctly.

Form N is the at home math test available for free off our TJ Prep Webpage

The Full TJ Diagnostic Test and all practice tests are composed of ACT science and reading passages and old style SAT questions.


#1                                        Math  Science Reading    Status
Form N at home                  90%
First Full Diagnostic Test  68%      80%         75%
Best Superscore                   89%      90%         85%
New TJ Test Results           78%      98%          99%        Waitlisted

#2                                         Math Science Reading   Status
Form N at home                    94%
First Full Diagnostic Test   68%      88%        83%
Best Superscore                    82%      93%        90%
New TJ Test Results            72%      98%         95%          Made 2nd cut

#3                                        Math  Science  Reading  Status 
Form N at home                    76%
First Full Diagnostic Test   75%       88%         85%
Best Superscore                    82%      100%        95%
New TJ Test Results            78%        99%         99%        Made 2nd cut

#4                                        Math  Science  Reading  Status
Form N at home                  94%
First Full Diagnostic Test  89%        95%         93%
Best Superscore                 100%        95%         93%
New TJ Test Results           99%        96%         98%       Made 2nd cut


We would like all our students to help contribute to this analysis by submitting their scores to Kate Dalby at  Whether you did not get in,  got in, waitlisted, or didn’t even make first cut, your experience helps us better prepare students for this important admissions process.  We would also like to know how our preparation helped and also what we can do better next time around.

Thank you.

Kate Dalby

Didn’t make the cut?  Read on!

I just got off the phone with Jessica Edwards’ dad.  Jessica had made first cut back in 2013, but while an excellent candidate she did not make the 2nd cut for TJ admissions.  She went to St Stephen’s St Agnes and graduated last year.  She is finishing her first year at Harvard!  Apparently she took to heart the quote “that which does not kill me makes me stronger”.