Well, we are having another exciting year helping students gain entry into Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology.  There is no longer a math, reading, and science test that you have to pass to make first cut, but there are some hoops to jump through: a math question and several essay questions.

If you would like help preparing for the written essays for the TJ Portrait of a Graduate SheetCathy Colglazier and Kate Lewis are here to help.  To arrange instruction, call Mrs. Colglazier at 703-628-2348 and Mrs. Lewis at 571-344-2156.  Click “with Colglazier” or “with Lewis” to purchase a package of four hours of private instruction via zoom.
If you would like to prepare for the math question, we now have five free SIS math videos available on Inspiring Test Preparation’s Rumble.com channel.  Click the year you wish to access:
2016 2017  2018 2019 2020
If you think you are ready for a math test question, purchase this package which includes a prompt, the solution, and a 25-minute zoom meeting to discuss the student’s explanation.