TJ Admissions Is Changing

TJHSST announced Friday, March 17th, 2017 that it is changing the test and the test date for the TJ admissions test.

“A combination of two different tests—the ACT Aspire and Quant Q—were selected to replace the old test.  The ACT Aspire test will test reading and science skills, and the Quant Q will test math skills.

These tests replace the previous exam and will be administered on November 18, 2017. No other changes will be made to the TJHSST admissions process. Additional information about semifinalist determination will be released by May 1, 2017.”

 Read full announcement here.

Watch ACT Aspire Info video!

Inspiring has changed the fall course schedule to reflect the new test date of November 18.  We are in the process of developing new curriculum and testing materials to reflect the new test.  Click here to order your at home math evaluation.