Finally!! A Summer ACT in July

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For years, students and parents complained that there were no ACT or SAT test dates for the summer.  For years, our summers were spent chillin' at the beach.  Over the last few years, however, there has been a drastic change.  More and more students have been getting a jump start on prep during the summer between sophomore and junior year. Last year, the College Board responded to the pent up [...]

TJ, SSAT, and HSPT Math Drills

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Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare; enroll in our test preparation program for 7th graders. We are offering a math drill class every Tuesday from 6:00 – 6:55 pm to help students get the best scores possible on the SSAT, HSPT, or TJ admissions test. This program is a supplement to, not a replacement of, our regular 8th grade comprehensive six-week fall TJ prep program. The purpose of the drills [...]

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Your TJ Admissions Roadmap

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We at Inspiring Test Prep are proud to present the newly released Thomas Jefferson High School Application Schedule. For preparation and practice proven to increase your chance of gaining acceptance into TJHSS, please continue reading. Date Action September 3, 2018 Online Applications Become Available September 28, 2018 Application Deadline (4:00 p.m.) November 10, 2018 Test Day November 16, 2018 Accommodations Test Day January 18, 2019 Applicants Receive Semifinalist Pool [...]

Ready, Set, Go to the ACT

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  Day of the ACT Check Sheet   Are you taking the ACT test this Saturday? First, let us wish you the best on this day. May the stars align and may you mark all your bubble sheets correctly, read all the questions accurately, remember all the formulas necessary, keep moving with proper pacing, and recall all your punctuation rules. In the spirit of positive thinking, the night before the [...]

Meet Ben Shenkman

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Are you frustrated trying to find a reliable and competent tutor? Tired of meeting in the library or local coffee shop?   Look no further. Inspiring Test Preparation is delighted to announce that Ben Shenkman has joined our team of outlandishly awesome tutors.  Ben studied Physics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Chicago and is a graduate from The Potomac School in McLean, VA.  After taking the most rigorous [...]

What to Eat the Day of the SAT (or Other Long Test)

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by Bess Dalby* Whether you are too tired or too nervous, you may not feel like eating at all the morning of the SAT or ACT. However, I cannot stress enough how disastrous it can be if hunger strikes during a slew of difficult math problems. The human brain uses a variety of nutritional components to function during strenuous activities, and requires even more nutrition if it is deprived of [...]

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Updates on TJ Admission – 2018

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I thought I would share the following information concerning the upcoming TJ SIS (Student Information Sheet). A client asked me if I thought TJ would be having an essay or math problem this year (2018).  I suggested she call TJ and ask admissions directly.   She shared the following with me: […]

Tell Us What We Can Do Better – College Admissions Seminar Cancellation

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We at Inspiring Test Preparation recently had to cancel our College Admissions Seminar with Cathy Ganley of ForWord Consulting. All of us here want to continue to make our business better and more accessible to students and parents, and you can help us. We would love to hear your opinion on why this class couldn't work for you, and what we can do going forward in order to continue serving [...]

Check Out the Admissions Company’s New App

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On Thursday, December 29, Dr. Sybil Gohari, founder of The Admissions Company, introduced The Admissions Company’s new Odds Calculator app to a group of parents and students at Inspiring Test Preparation’s office in McLean, VA. Dr. Gohari’s app helps high school students determine their chances of gaining acceptance to a particular college or university. To assess their odds, students enter their biographical, academic and extracurricular information into the calculator, which, using [...]

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Improve Your TJ Student Information Sheet (SIS)

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The first year Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology (TJ) switched to monitored SIS administrations, we taught 35 students in five separate workshops what TJ says it is looking for on the student information sheet and essay***.  During those workshops we brainstormed topics to mention on the application and the candidates practiced writing answers to four prompts (three SIS prompts and one [...]

At Home SIS Essay Practice

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To all our TJ prep students: Here is a sample of the types of prompts that TJHSST admissions has used in the past.  They are great practice and can be used on your own or in conjunction with our private essay instruction. Call 703-203-5796 or email kvs@katedalby.com to schedule instruction. […]

College Admissions Presentation October 25th

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Plan Now for College Later Success is a matter of perspective. In order to gain acceptance to the best colleges, you must show the world singular aspects of who you are. In this talk, Sybil Gohari, founder of Admissions Company, will show you how to build the proper scaffolding for the aspects of you that are truly unique, and how these can shine through your college application.  Join Sybil Gohari, PhD, [...]

The New TJ Test – 2017

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It seems as if a year doesn’t go by that TJ isn’t tinkering with the admissions process: removal of quantitative comparisons, paragraph reordering, on-site SIS (student information sheet) administration, holistic evaluation for 2nd cut, SIS math challenge.  The changes appear to be good overall, but it does keep those of us in the test preparation business on our toes. […]

Refer a Friend, Get a $25 Gift Card

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LAST CHANCE FOR SUMMER PREP - this offer has expired.  However, if you referred a friend per the instructions below and have not received your gift card let me know by texting 703-203-5796 or emailing kvs@katedalby.com August ACT course 12 sessions + pre-test, starts Monday, August 7.  Cost $1,195. August Accelerated SAT/ACT course 12 sessions + pre-test, starts Monday, August 7.  Cost $1,250. Diagnostic testing on Saturday (or earlier Tuesday-Thursday) August 5 at 11 am. Have you [...]

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HSPT Review

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I was happy to receive the following today: Hi Kate – I realized I never followed up with you about my daughter Allie Vasquez and her results on the HSPT. She worked with you in the Fall of 2016 to brush up on a few areas in preparation for the HSPT in early December. I’m happy to report that she scored in the 99th percentile, received a scholarship to both O’Connell [...]

The Low-Stress College Essay

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The Low-Stress College Essay College essay with low stress?  How can that be?  It’s all in the planning and thinking. Dr. Aimee Weinstein and Inspiring Test Prep can make it happen for you. We have two options for our rising seniors to help you have your college essay done even before the madness of senior year begins. […]

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TJ Admissions Is Changing

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TJHSST announced Friday, March 17th, 2017 that it is changing the test and the test date for the TJ admissions test. […]

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2018 College Application Season: Not That Far Away!

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by Dr Aimee Weinstein In late January, the Common Application announced its essay prompts for the 2017-2018 school year, and while some have remained the same, some have changed. This year we find a 7th prompt that simply asks students to write the essay of their choice.  While some students do best responding to specific prompts, we at Inspiring Test Prep believe that the students who write the best essays write [...]

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Do You Know Your Odds of Gaining Admission into College?

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By: Sybil E. Gohari, PhD Founder, The Admissions Company     Until recently, applying to college was an opaque process, ruled by those who claimed to understand the secrets of guidance counseling, and to be the guardians of the grail that is gaining acceptance into an elite college. […]

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